July 29, 2012


well, something happened in my life. maybe you should care.
am I the only one who hate when somebody reveal my secret? am I? guess no. I just want to say that EVERYBODY DESERVES THEIR OWN PRIVACY.

and I hate stalkers or whatever you call it. they are so annoying and they bother me that MUCH. I sincerely hate stalkers. you know, it's okay you are a stalker but let just keep somebody's information for your own self, or you can talk to the owner if you want to tell it to somebody.
maybe for you, your secret isn't your everything but for some people like me, it's my everything! and only to people who I can trust the most, I share my secret.
the second maybe is, you guys, stalkers, might think that, why you tell your secret on social media like twitter, blogger, or even facebook if you don't want us to know your secret/story? haha, here's the answer.
have you ever been in that condition when you just can't say what you wanna say, and all you can do is just tell it in here? when you don't have somebody that you can trust? that's me, then. I have two bestfriends that I trust the most, and all of them never tell my secret to anybody. never ever. I respect them so much. but there's a time that I can't tell my secret to them, SO I do it in here. understood?

well, I think it's enough. for anybody who bothered after reading this post, I don't even want to say sorry to you guys :-)

the girl who never get your respect,

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