September 02, 2012

Hectic yet Nice

well, second post and also the main post in this day.
I've been thinking and realizing that people nowadays are so strange, hypocrite, and others that I even can't stand. many people especially girls, called herself, that "b" word, and I'm like, "are you really sure that you want to embarrass your self? not just your self, but us, girls?" I mean, come on! there's nothing cool with
calling your self like that.
folks, do you have some people who don't like you? your haters? your enemies? I'm going to tell you my own thoughts about them. ok, I don't want to be a liar, I've been there, I mean, I already being a haters of someone but now I quit. because, being the feeling of hating someone without knowing their truth is awful, so awful. trust me. and now, I know I have haters and I keep smiling, and I thank them. why? because I know why they hate me, and I learn from that. I improve my self. at the past, whenever I saw someone judged me, I always angry and told everything in my mind on Twitter, now I know that's stupid, childish, cheesy, and two-bit. I know that harsh, but I suggest you to not do that. maybe, it simply decrease your emotion but really, there's nothing will be fine after doing that.
I want to thank you, haters, for making me better and always better, for keep supporting me when my best friend forget, for being my number one fans, for making me always in your mind, for making my self wiser, for making my mistakes reduced a little, and the last, thank you for keeping me alive with your words. I don't hate you, for sure, I thank you :-)
and another random thought, people now are so weird, double weird. because now there's a word "KEPO" stands for Knowing Every Particular Object, many people use it for calling people, even they don't know the meaning. stupid, much? listen, people. you're so mean and weird, when someone asks you about something about you because they care about you, why you call them like that? is it a big fault? ok, let me explain first before you're mad, in this case, if it's your secret (but I'm not sure because you already published that on cyber and every people can google it), go tell them nicely that they don't have to know it because it's your privacy. you have manners and it's the good one, huh? if someone doesn't ask you, you get mad again because you think nobody cares about you. why you guys are so complicated? hahaha.
last line, for people who underestimate me, hates me, without knowing the truth, just let the time past and see me in the edge of glory, shall we?


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