December 18, 2012

Save World, Save Lives

hi! another short-trip-post :)
last weekend, me, Mbak Sasa, Mas Dity, Mbak Rista and her boyfriend, Mas Husein went to Eco Green Park, Batu. ok, I know, they are all couples and I'm all alone. ok. I don't care haha I know that's sucks. -_-
well, Eco Green Park is totally a great place to come especially for students like us. we can get some education like how fast the wind at storm is, and some other more. for sure, it provides some games. that recreational place is so worth it because we have to pay for 40k (because it's weekend, 30k for weekdays), only!

here's some photos that I took with my iPod.
miniature of cow from parts of car
that's an electronic elephant! 

how creative!

can you believe that this is a chicken? it is!

fun is the only word which can describe this kind of place!
inside of Rumah Terbalik. wait, I didn't turn my iPod over!
another 'pretty' chicken

we can play music at here!

find it fun enough? go there! I recommend you. :-)
another post from here is coming up, btw! it will be at this place too but the photos are from Mas Dity's cam. 
btw, I'll get my school report this Friday and I'm so in the pressure. I just can sit and pray to God for the result. because you know what? in this semester I was like so lazy to do things especially school thingy. I guess I have to work harder in the next semester. 

wish me tons of luck!

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