July 11, 2013


Hi pals. I'm writing this post because I was feeling like want to hear Hanya Isyarat by Dewi Lestari, and suddenly I remember that months ago I wanted to review one of my favorite novelette from my favorite Indonesian's writer. Yep, she sang that song too, Dewi Lestari. 

That's the first cover edition. The very first time I knew this book was years ago when one of its song "Malaikat Juga Tahu" released years ago. I kinda love the song, and I knew that it's taken from this book. 
Anyway, Rectoverso is a mixture between music and literature. There's 11 short stories and every story has a song. The difference between the song and the story is its view point. For example, "Curhat Buat Sahabat", the story is from the male's view point and for the song is vice versa. 
Since I read Perahu Kertas, I started to love Dee's way of writing. Then I bought Partikel, and collected all of Supernova series, next, my cousin gave me Filosofi Kopi. The fourth one that I bought was Madre. Exactly, the last was Rectoverso. What? Why? Yes, because I was curious about it when I knew that it'd have a movie too. Since I'm pretty disappointed with Perahu Kertas, I was kinda like wanted to know how the directors made this movie. So I bought the novelette first. Here, the cover of the book. 
I absolutely love the design. Too deep, for me. After I bought it, I read it a bit then I downloaded the songs. I couldn't describe my feeling when I first listened to it. To be honest, I was at my lowest point when I heard and read em hahahaha. Alright, back to the point. The first song that I fell in love with is.. "Hanya Isyarat". It's just so deep, even too deep. It describes all my feelings. I was in tears. Then I read the story. The second one that I love is "Aku Ada". It's too beautiful. I mean, I don't know how Dee could be so understand my feeling hahaha. Yes. I've said the reason why I can say that. The last story that I love is "Cicak di Dinding", then again the story is still about unrequited love, well.. For others, I like it. 
For the movie, here's the poster. 
The one I like best is "Malaikat Juga Tahu". For me, it's perfect. The male lead actor, Lukman Sardi, as always, stunning. The soundtrack is beautifully sang by Glenn Fredly. Btw, the movie is an omnibus one. So it has 5 different story and also soundtrack. The next story is "Firasat" with Asmirandah and Dwi Sasono as its main characters. I'm a bit confused with this one actually, because I thought that the Firasat club is more fun not all that pathetic and quite, and how the story ends. But, still good. Raisa sang the movie soundtrack at her best. Then, Curhat Buat Sahabat is the lightest one between them all, and maybe everyone already had the same story. Acha Septriasa is good at it. Tohpati arranged the music pretty magnificent. After that, "Cicak di Dinding". I love how Yama Carlos act. Sophia Latjuba make everything light and sexy. Dira Sugandi made this movie greater. The last but not least, "Hanya Isyarat". The new rising star, Amanda Soekasah brought it good. But for me, I'm quite disappointed because I kinda expected more from her. Drew's arrangement is pretty good.

Guess it's a wrap from now. 

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