September 30, 2013

Random Thoughts #7

Here's the thing.
You're the sweetest poison I've ever tasted. 
Even in my last minute before I sleep, and the very first minute I wake up, 
I think of you. 
Even you don't. 


“@catwomanizer: Hours went by, yet you're still the one in my mind.”

Random Thoughts #6

I'm trapped at my sadness. 


September 29, 2013

A Cup of Coffee

Do not judge me for the action that I take. Here, I give you a cup of coffee, let's talk for a while. If you ask me, "FrappĂ© or espresso?" I'll say, "espresso, please." Because you know what? I'm done with all those sweet things. Too much sweets literally kills me. It turns out all bitter and guess what? 
Like one of fastfood restaurant campaign, 
I'm lovin' it! 


Au Revoir

On one fine noon, he walked in the park, and poked me. "Hey." 
It's like the fourth time he did it and I wasn't surprised at all. "Oh hey there." 
Well then, he said. "How's life? Pretty good uh?" 
I talked to my self, "is this guy stupid or something?", I replied him, "Pretty much tortures me, but I ended it up to get up. Time is the best teacher, eh?" 
He was kind of shocked when he heard my words, I put up my smile then. He finally said, "Do you miss me?" 
"Of course I do, Idiot." 
What did I do next? 
I left him. 
Like he did, a year ago. 


Random Thoughts #5

Because every place has its own story. 


September 25, 2013

Random Thoughts #4

What to missed? Having random conversations about how funny, amazing, cruel, disgusting life is. 


September 24, 2013

Random Thoughts #3

I do and will always hate doing flashback. It brings back all those memories that I've burnt deep down inside. 


September 23, 2013

Be Bold

Well, life gets harder time by time. Ass-ignments everywhere, realizing I need to be more diligent and clever eh. But I really really really need a rest, too. School sucks, as always. But my friends make it memorable. 
Get older, get bolder. 


Random Thoughts #2

I love you, ain't for the glitters and golds. For me, it's just the bonus. I love you, cause I really do. 

#meonmyromanticside #justsayinganyway #fornoone lolz 


September 22, 2013

Random Thoughts #1

Salahkan saja semuanya kepada Sang Waktu. Bukankah kita hanya berdiri disini terdiam dan menunggu perintah Sang Waktu? 

On My Way

So, here I am. Heading to the city that I hate the most; but since I HAVE to be there, and the only reason why I like that city is my friends. Just me and my dad. Then I realized something precious and priceless. 
So, my dad and I were having a conversation about our family, he talked, I listened. Suddenly he said, "kalo kamu sampe digituin sama cowok lain, gak mungkin ayah maafin. Gak bakal ayah biarin anak satu-satunya ayah digituin." Then my tears fell, unexpectedly. 
I know that my dad loves and will always love me. But his words made me believe that no boy would love me the way he does. 
If only my dad know what you've done to me, I guess he will slap you in your face. I know you're not worth it. 
I love you, Ayah. 


September 15, 2013

hi, been a while uhm?
I'm not saying that I'm all that well but I could say that there are some distractions over me.
since you read this, I already deactivated my Twitter account because several reasons.
guess it's pretty good for me because I'm gonna write more in here.