September 22, 2013

On My Way

So, here I am. Heading to the city that I hate the most; but since I HAVE to be there, and the only reason why I like that city is my friends. Just me and my dad. Then I realized something precious and priceless. 
So, my dad and I were having a conversation about our family, he talked, I listened. Suddenly he said, "kalo kamu sampe digituin sama cowok lain, gak mungkin ayah maafin. Gak bakal ayah biarin anak satu-satunya ayah digituin." Then my tears fell, unexpectedly. 
I know that my dad loves and will always love me. But his words made me believe that no boy would love me the way he does. 
If only my dad know what you've done to me, I guess he will slap you in your face. I know you're not worth it. 
I love you, Ayah. 


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