October 31, 2013

I'l faut aller de l'avant

I know I'm such a bookworm since books, music, coffee, desserts are my best friend, now I'm currently reading two books in progress. 
There's a quote that really catch me when I read this, 
“Hal yang bisa menyembuhkan patah hati adalah waktu—atau orang baru.”
—Restart by Nina Ardianti
Well.. Well.. That's true. Well now that happens to me hahaha blah forget it but let me say some words..

Thank You, God for bringing someone new to my life. I mean like, giving me a turnover from my current sadness and pain. Maybe I have to know him more but just.. Let it be a surprise, right? 


October 30, 2013

Random Thoughts #10

Is there any worse feeling than feeling so heartbroken without knowing the reason why? 
Feeling so sad, hurts, once in a sudden? 
Screw this. 
Heyho. This post is gonna be another random-shitty post. Whatevs I don't care, thou. This is my daily journal so why worry? 
School sucks as always, especially with the new schedule, ugh. Can you imagine, on Saturday —oh c'mon! I have math, physics, and chems, in a day! Perfect subjects to end the school day. Fine then, I've to deal with that. 
Things that bothers me the most is.. Why do boys on this earth is always so judgemental to girls; what we wear, do, say, others. Why can't you just accept us without asking more? I hate it, no doubt with that. 
Although you can say that I'm still on my way to heal this wound but I really really really not in the mood to deal with boys. Well I'm still normal to have a crush with other boys but uhm, not now. I just can't trust em because I'm anti bull$hit, baby. I'm not giving my trust to people that easy again. I'm done with those sad-heartbroken-song, those galloons of tears. 
Beware with your own mouth before you spit something, because somehow you gonna bite your own words. Note that. 

Anyway, it's officially that we're now in rainy season! 


October 28, 2013


heeeeell-o everybody!
been a while I'm away from here. but life has brought me up and down, well cycles of life, remember?
I'm not going to tell you that I'm fine nor messed up, heartbroken nor fallin' in love, happy nor sad; it's just.. balance.

flat, actually.

numb, if you ask.

I don't know why I could feel like this but, I don't know. I just.. don't know.
now I got the problem that I really can't trust words from boys, BOYS. I found their words full with bull$hit. sorry not sorry.

I know it''s just the matter of time that will heal this ache. I just have to let go and accept and be grateful for everything that I already have now.
thank You, God, for giving me such a great parents&family, and bunches of great friends; they're precious!

no more sadness, pain, and all those $hits! :)

I'm totally alive..


October 17, 2013

I wish we had longer conversation about everything. I wish you'd stay longer. Come back soon? Or maybe a short getaway? That'd be nice, uh? 
Because for me, whenever I met you, knew you better, you're getting more interesting. I caught the sweet smile of yours, by the way.


October 09, 2013

"@clara_ng: Your name is a poem in itself." 

October 06, 2013

Begini analoginya, 
Aku bagaikan sebuah komputer yang rusak, virus bertebaran dimana-mana di programku
Kemudian kamu datang bagai sebuah antivirus, membunuh semua virus, menata kembali semua program, bahkan menjaganya agar tidak ada lagi virus yang bisa merusakku


October 03, 2013

Sweetest Pills

Broken heart; what most teenagers might have been. 
Tears falling down, cursing those jerks, and et cetera. Well girls, crying might help you to feel a lil bit more relieve, but it doesn't solve your problem, though. 
The sweetest medicines to reduce your broken heart are..
1. Sweets (who hates chocolates and candies, anyway?
2. Sleeping (it's free, uh?)
3. Laughing (good friends, good laughs)
Still broken hearted? 


Random Thoughts #9

I'm such an idiot. I don't care how much you've hurt me, I'll always have a space for you in my mind. Isn't it sucks?
Pretty much. 


October 02, 2013

e n j o y

Since life has teach me not to expect much. So, I ain't gonna expect more from reality. Ok. 
Tough days are coming. *drum rolls*
Let's ride the roller coaster! It might bring you to the top, but wait, don't be too excited, look above. Vice versa. It will bring you down. The only word is, 


October 01, 2013

Random Thoughts #8

Hi, realize something in the very first day of October? 
Well, I do. 
It's two months left before 2013 will end. Time is a crazy bitch yes?
2013 been the hardest year since I was born. Too many reasons for it. 
Well, let's cherish the last two months then. Cheers!