October 30, 2013

Heyho. This post is gonna be another random-shitty post. Whatevs I don't care, thou. This is my daily journal so why worry? 
School sucks as always, especially with the new schedule, ugh. Can you imagine, on Saturday —oh c'mon! I have math, physics, and chems, in a day! Perfect subjects to end the school day. Fine then, I've to deal with that. 
Things that bothers me the most is.. Why do boys on this earth is always so judgemental to girls; what we wear, do, say, others. Why can't you just accept us without asking more? I hate it, no doubt with that. 
Although you can say that I'm still on my way to heal this wound but I really really really not in the mood to deal with boys. Well I'm still normal to have a crush with other boys but uhm, not now. I just can't trust em because I'm anti bull$hit, baby. I'm not giving my trust to people that easy again. I'm done with those sad-heartbroken-song, those galloons of tears. 
Beware with your own mouth before you spit something, because somehow you gonna bite your own words. Note that. 

Anyway, it's officially that we're now in rainy season! 


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