October 28, 2013


heeeeell-o everybody!
been a while I'm away from here. but life has brought me up and down, well cycles of life, remember?
I'm not going to tell you that I'm fine nor messed up, heartbroken nor fallin' in love, happy nor sad; it's just.. balance.

flat, actually.

numb, if you ask.

I don't know why I could feel like this but, I don't know. I just.. don't know.
now I got the problem that I really can't trust words from boys, BOYS. I found their words full with bull$hit. sorry not sorry.

I know it''s just the matter of time that will heal this ache. I just have to let go and accept and be grateful for everything that I already have now.
thank You, God, for giving me such a great parents&family, and bunches of great friends; they're precious!

no more sadness, pain, and all those $hits! :)

I'm totally alive..


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