November 24, 2013

Here, come and read me. I'm an open book, I have nothing to hide, I have no dark secrets. 

But don't think you can understand me that easy until you have a cup of latté with me. 

Yours, probably. 

November 05, 2013

Life is all about making mistakes and how we learn from our mistakes. Without that, your life is surely not fun. Just enjoy your ride. 

November 02, 2013

Homesick level: danger!

You know one of those popular quotes,
“Home is where the heart is.” 
Well yep, it's true. 
I miss my mom, my dad, my cat, my house and everything in it. 
I just wish things were simpler and not complicated like this. 
God, strengthen me.. Enlighten me.. 

Miss you guys more than anything. Take care..