May 15, 2014

Un beau rêve #1

People said that first impression means everything. But, not for me. The first time I met you, it's just ordinary. You are ordinary. I even didn't want to know who you are. But, at that day, it's all started. 

My close friends (I like to call 'em close friends since best friends is too much for me) knows that I have an A-lists for boys (which I know that's too much, too. Wait, too much is too much), and I'm definitely a picky girl. Whatever. You guys might judge me. Go on, please. Everytime there's a so-called-handsome boy in front of me and my friends, they were like, "look at him! He was....." blah I don't care, even he is handsome and pretty cool at the same time, then why? 

I rarely likes boys. I mean, bitch I'm normal. But, boys are boys and boys means jerks and period. They are boring. It sounds like I'm so naïve but that's what's on my goddamn mind. L-O-L. What turns me on is, their mind. And here we go. 

The first thing that I notice from him was his laugh, which is annoying because it's too loud, but it's quite weird that his laugh was so amusing. OK. Then he knew that I noticed him, he was staring back at me, seconds after that I knew that his eyes was, well it still is, beautiful, I was kind of blushing. He came over, said, "Hey. Do I know you?" His words pretty much annoyed me, he never knew that we're in the same class? Then I replied, "Uhm, I know we just met 3 of 7 in a week but, I think we're in the same class?" He laughed, "No, I didn't mean to annoyed you but, I think I know you. Know like know. Keira, right? Josh." He shoke my hand. "I already knew your name since the teacher introduced you in the first meeting of mine in the class, sir." He laughed, annoyed me more. "You, sassy girl, really catch my attention." Then he left. 

I already said from the beginning that I rarely likes boys, right? 

But he is exceptional. 

–to be continued. 


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