May 17, 2014

Un beau rêve #2


Did I tell you that he asked my number on that day? Yes, he did. The worst part was, I gave it away. OMG, self. Because usually I don't give my number to annoying strangers (like him). He was a complete stranger to me, well maybe even I already knew him for almost 3 years, he is still a stranger to me, and I'm unexpectedly lost. 

After that weird day, he kept on texting me, and I just replied him normal like what I did to my friends (normal means emoji-less). Then I got to think like, "Hm, it gets more interesting. But hey, don't expect anything, you stupid girl." Because actually, it was. It was like he knew what's on my mind. Mind fucked. Feelings fucked, too. 

In the next week, I was late to the class and the only seat left was next to him. I was thinking that, "Is this his script or it's just a coincidence?" Right after I sat, he said, "Nothing is coincidence, K. And I didn't make any script, if you might think I did." "Wait. Are you some kind of mind reader or what?!" I didn't realize that my voice was too loud so all people including  my teacher heard it. "Keira, suit yourself. You want to be here, or there?" said Mr. Brian as he pointed the hall. I said sorry to him and promised him that I would never do it again. When I said that, I knew that Josh was silently laughing at me. God, why did you send another asshole to my life? 

The class finished then I went straight to the bus stop. I already felt better but not until that jerks came. "Mind to go home with me?" "Ugh, even if you drove a Ferrari, I would not go home with you." "OK, you might still feel annoyed by me." "I always feel like that when you're near me." Then he smiled, which was annoying too. But actually, it was too cute to be missed. "Wait if I treat you a gelato as my apology? Mix berries gelato?" I couldn't help my self for a cup of mix berries gelato, I could eat a pint of it! "Damn! How could you know my personal favorite flavor of gelato? I hate you but I don't want to miss free gelato, though." He smiled even cuter, "After you, sassy girl." 

I never came to this small café which was right in the corner of the main street. The interior was neat and simple, but still eye-catching enough. Nice choice, but I didn't want to say it to him 'cause I know it would make his head bigger, ergh. My favorite part of this café is the small corner with no roof above so I could see the sky. When I walked there, he whispered, "You like sky and all those things there, right. Stars, actually. Am I right?" I couldn't help to smile at him, "Yeah, you're right. I forgive you, J." then he pulled a chair for me. 

My gelato came, and his espresso came. "Why did you choose espresso? It's so bitter, and.. ugh." "The reason why I like is because its bitterness. So I still can feel, which one is bitter, and which one is sweet. In life we need equality, right? We can't feel happiness without knowing sadness, uh?" as he sipped it. "Are you a box of chocolates?" said my self unconciously. "Uhm, sorry? I'm a human. Like seriously." "Hahaha an annoying human, for sure. Hm I said like that because you keep on surprising me, Josh. I even just met you last week. You're still in that stranger category. But... It's just funny. You know.." Then he replied me, "Remember what did I say to you at the first day we talk?" As I keep on eating the delicious gelato, I said "Uhm, wait.. Let me think.. Sorry, I guess the gelato is too tasty it made my brain stop working? I forget your words. What is it?" He laughed, "Figure it out by yourself, K." as he cleaned the ice cream on my cheek. I couldn't help my self for blushing. Damn it, self. 

—to be continued. 


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