June 16, 2014

Un beau rêve #3


Enough with the past that I already told you. Now I'm here, sitting in the bench of a small park near my house which is the perfect place when I need a short break from my life. Yeah, I always find this place quite peaceful for me. 

It's been 3 months since I first met him. Slowly, my life has changed. I'm happier than before. He grows in me. I can't say I'm into him but he knows how to make me smile and laugh, so.. Alright what ever it is, just let it be, self. 

Last week, I was on a family trip. It was fun to be around with my family. They never let me down like... hm now. I was going to another country so my phone was off. Since then, he left. 

Sucks? Yes. I thought he's different from another jerks but guess what? Yeah, boys will always be boys. Grow up, dude. 
Therefore, I never expected this much actually. We're just friends, aren't we? 

Could you imagine, you met a person 3 months ago, and now he already knew you & your life. Yes! I am so stupid. Or maybe too weak. Or.. Or.. Or... Ugh suck it up self. 

*phone buzz*
"Hey, sorry I was busy and pretty much tired w school things"

Ugh. I don't care. Well, I try not to care. 

— to be continued 

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