August 17, 2014

Midnight Thoughts, Well..

Hello my dearest bloggy..
I'm planning to put you "under construction" condition but I don't know when I'll execute it, and since I have a problem of memorizing (bcause I've been in a such long hiatus & it makes my brain works slower (yea sucks)) so I think I'm just gonna tell you something now..

I don't know why & how our feelings work. I mean like, it's pretty weird. For me at least. Sometimes I feel like I just want to quit this but the fact is I am staying. Wtf? Doesn't make any sense. It's like my heart won't consider any thoughts from my brain. 
Well I know this post is going to be a super random post and have no points at all. Forgive me, my fellas. I just.. Ugh. Tired with my own bubble..

I know what's missing from me, actually. I miss challenges. I miss that shocking electricity from my heart whenever I think/hear/see/sense something about you. 
I miss our stupid silly beyond complicated blablablaship. 
The fact is, I miss us even there's no us exists. 
The fact is, I just miss talking to you about how annoying and confusing life is. 

'Cha get it? 
Same with me. 

Have a happy life!

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